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A crewneck, a simple and essential piece of clothing anyone should own. Treated like art, developed for the few, pure craftsmanship by DON’T WASTE CULTURE. Check out all crewneck sweaters. 

What is a crewneck?

A versatile, yet simple piece. A crewneck is a sweater or t-shirt with a perfectly fitting round neck. Not every t-shirt or sweater is considered a crewneck. A crewneck’s characteristic is a separate piece of fabric, usually thicker than the fabric used for the sweater itself, that forms the tight fitting rounded neck. The crewneck earned its name back in the day when the crew of rowing teams whore similar sweaters with tight fitting necks. Today, crewnecks are worn by men and woman all over the world as an everyday piece.

All Don’t Waste Culture sweaters and t-shirt have a crewneck fitting. Check out all t-shirts.

How to wear a crewneck sweater?

A Don’t Waste Culture crewneck is easy to include in your outfit. Let your outfit flow with basic coloured crewnecks like MELANGI or XAVI or make your crewneck pop, our crewneck sweater collection contain many garments with unique details and graphic designs. A crewneck is typically worn as a final top layer. Looking for a complete streetwear fit? Combine a Don’t Waste Culture crewneck with a white t-shirt layer underneath.

Vintage crewneck

A vintage streetwear look is very popular. A vintage crewneck is oversized, usually has a vintage washing or vintage colours and distinct graphic designs. All Don’t Waste Culture crewnecks have that iconic oversized fit. Explore all our crewnecks and find your vintage oversized fit. Looking for a washed crewneck? Check out our newest collections and find your vintage washed crewneck. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, all Don’t Waste Culture crewnecks will give you that distinct oversized vintage look.

Why choose a Don’t Waste Culture crewneck?

Besides the high quality luxury fabrics and unique designs we use in our garments, there are even more good reasons to buy a crewneck from Don’t Waste Culture. We offer free worldwide shipping, excellent customer service with a consumer rating of 9.6/10 and you can even pay later with Klarna. We know you’ll be more than satisfied.

Let us inspire you every day with our garments and keep an eye out for our newest collections, join us on Instagram and Facebook, be a part of the culture.

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