Our story

about don't waste culture

Don't Waste Culture is an high-end fashion streetwear brand founded in 2013 by Bas Dijkhuis in the Netherlands. We are an online shop with the focus on online and offline (retail) selling points.

We have worldwide supporters with orders from over 60 countries.


Don't Waste Culture is a brand that aims to disrupt the traditional fashion markets like simple brands with unnecessary markups and high fashion brands who charge way to much for their quality and designs. We're continuously improving our silhouettes, fine details and we're continuously sourcing for the best and most unique fabrics available to refine our existing garments. We focus on unique designs, we measure every mm to get the perfect fit, and we use key details to distuingish from common clothing. Mindblowing peoples mind all around the world.

Don't Waste Culture wants to bring cultures alive. Culture is everything what is created by human beings. Improvements, exploring and evaluation makes you being you. A unique person shaped by different (sub)cultures. Many cultures worldwide or historic times fall into oblivion. Look around yourself. Everything around yourself is culture. What is normal to you is strange for someone at the other side of the world. We bring different worlds together.

Every piece of Don't Waste Culture is handmade and carries a message with it. Wearing our clothing is symbolising your strengths and awareness of life, forgotten and modern cultures and history.


Last but not least. Thank you so much for who supported the brand from the beginning. You are all part of our journey. We get the energy because of you and we want to make the best pieces because of you. All our customers are central in our organization, so we treat you like our brothers and sisters. So, thanks!


Founder of Don't Waste Culture